I Què?

On October 10th 1997, I Què? bar and restaurant opened its doors for the first time. Housed in a lovingly converted mechanics garage, we're located in the heart of Barcelona’s Gràcia neighbourhood, just off the Plaza del Diamant and close to the well known Verdi cinemas. Although we started life as a bar, our food was such a hit that people keep coming back for lunch, dinner or a quick bite to eat, again and again.

Our food menu

Pizza At I Què? we serve a wide range of delicious homemade food, including freshly prepared pizzas, salads, tapas, pasta and more, including many vegetarian options. To accompany your meal, choose from our wide selection of wines, one of our many national or imported beers, or even a glass of our delicious homemade sangria.
Our fresh thin crust pizzas are baked in-house daily, and our creative, flavoursome salads remain best sellers amongst our clientele. We also recommend our selection of pasta dishes, made with 100% homemade sauces
. Our range of tapas includes homemade patatas bravas (fried potatoes topped with a traditional Spanish ‘brava’ sauce), traditional guacamole and nachos, and tasty marinated chicken wings.
Why not try one of our monthly chef’s specials or classic dishes such as chicken and peach curry, vegetable lasagne, and baked aubergine (both meat and vegetarian options).
For dessert, we recommend our delicious tiramisu or a slice of homemade cake, baked to traditional German and Austrian recipes.
And why not stay with us after your meal to enjoy one of our delicious cocktails, including mojitos, caipirinhas, daiquiris and piña coladas, or ask our staff to prepare one to your taste.

What's in a name?

The name I Què? means 'So what' in Spanish – and it represents our view that people shouldn't be judged by their race, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation, but by who they are as an individual. Everyone deserves respect. It’s a philosophy we all live by here at I Què?
It’s just how we are. So what?